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Literature Review Parental Involvement - 984 Words

Literature Review Parental Involvement. During the middle school years there are developmental changes happening in an adolescent’s life. This growth include both biological and cognitive, as well as social development (Nancy Hill, 2009). Compared to elementary school the developmental growth in middle school has higher levels of significant change as a result to the bureaucratic system (Hill Chao, 2009). Studies have shown that during this essential time period in a youth’s education experience, you will see a decline in their academic performance during the middle school time period (Eccless, 2004). It is during the middle school education experience, I’ve decided to conduct my study. The decline of academic performance has long-term†¦show more content†¦As I conduct my interviews I define the differences between both home and school base involvement. African-American Parents Throughout the educational process parents hold a critical role in their child’s school performance. Before I have mentioned there is a positive affected in student’s behaviors when parents are involved. A study done by Nweze in 1993 revealed that students appropriate school behavior increased when parents were involved in the disciple process, were made aware of their roles in the educational process, and encouraged to participate in their child’s education (Autumn, 2001). Research has also shown an inverse correlation between parental involvement and suspension levels (Autumn, 2001). As the parental involvement increased the number of suspensions decreased. This study plays a huge role in the African American community because African American students are more likely to be suspended or expelled than any other ethnic group (Russo Talbert-Johnson, 1997). There are evidence that indicates that high-achieving, as opposed to low-achieving, poor African American a dolescents have parents who are more involved in their education both home and school (Tienda and Kao, 1994) African Parents Socioeconomic Status The structure of a family affects the socioeconomic status. A nuclear family consists of a father, mother, and children. However, that image of what aShow MoreRelatedLiterature Review On Parental Involvement1042 Words   |  5 Pages Parent Involvement: A Key to Educational Success Literature Review Empire State College Christina Mallett Introduction It has been stated that students whose parents, guardians, and other significant adults who are actively involved in their learning are more likely to be successful in school. Student success here can be defined as intellectual potential, as well as social and cognitive growth. This literature review will examine critically what has been previouslyRead MoreLack Of Participation Of Parents / Family Involvement1147 Words   |  5 Pagesthis is. Conducting a literature review is my first step in this process, I will be conducting a through and exhaustive literature review to include: Books, internet, journals, statistics. The literature I will be using will be from scholarly resources. I will be reviewing other schools that have been successful in parent involvement, and a review of the programs they use to become successful. Here is a sample of some of the literature reviews I will be using: Reviewed literature Yael Fisher a contributorRead MoreEffectiveness Of Parental Involvement1099 Words   |  5 PagesConcept of Parental Involvement (2007), Joep T.A. Bakker and Eddie Denessen offer various definitions of parental involvement. They summarize parental involvement as â€Å"parental behaviors related to child’s school or schooling that can be observed as manifestations of their commitment.† Student success here can be defined as intellectual potential, social, and cognitive growth. The focus of this literature review will examine critically what has been previously researched and written on parental involvementRead MoreParental Involvement And Academic Performance1686 Words   |  7 Pageslack of parental involvement in their children’s academic performance (Larocque, Kleiman Darling, 2011). Parental involvement refers to the amount of participation a parent has when it comes to schooling and her child s life. Parental involvement can take on many forms and is perc eived as an operational strategy to improve student success, as evidenced in studies done on the relationship between parental involvement and academic performance in children. (Bower, 2011) Parental involvement â€Å"has beenRead MoreParental Involvement And Sexual Involvement915 Words   |  4 PagesAs the literature is being reviewed research and evidence is showing the importance of parental involvement in every aspect and in every socioeconomic class. Yvonne peril constructs research one program for involvement but first wanted to come up with a cookie cutter definition of what parental involvement was. Through research she realized that this task was very difficult. And as she review literature on parental involvement a conclusion was made that there was no consistent agreement on for acrossRead MorePerception Of Parent Involvement Within Academic Achievement971 Words   |  4 Pages Research Problem and Hypotheses The research study, â€Å"Perception of Parent Involvement in Academic Achievement† were to see the insight of different types of parent involvement and how parents, students and teachers affect the outcome of academic achievements at the junior high school level. The researcher examines why parents do and do not get involved in their children’s school education in and out of school. The study showed why teachers doRead MoreResearch Project On Parental Involvement1159 Words   |  5 PagesAbstract Parental involvement is the combination of commitment on the part of the parent to their child and to their school. This literature review outlines the steps that I will be taking to conduct my research project on the importance of parental and family involvement in kids’ education. I have always had interest in the social aspect of a student’s learning and how their environment affects their motivation for learning. I find it to be very important to be aware of these contributors andRead MoreBackground And Introduction Of Kingsgrove High School875 Words   |  4 Pagesevaluate what stimulate parental engagement in ‘school life’ and how to engage in the school culture. Research suggest that children benefit from family-school collaborations that provide parents with opportunities to shape their children’s learning (Krejci, 2002). Working with parents collaboratively shown a positive impact on students’ learning outcome (Swap, 1987). This literature review will explore the existing research that frame the issues of what stimulates parental engagement in ‘schoolRead MoreParental Involvement And Children Academic Success Essay825 Words   |  4 PagesParental Involvement and Children Academic Success Research Paper Sociological Bases of Education The Context: In my twenty plus years of teaching in both the public and private school and dealing with hundreds of parents and students and watching the effects of parental involvement on student success. Parent involvement has been shown to have positively influenced children’s education; however, many parents do not get involved in their child’s education, especially in middle school and highRead MorePaper856 Words   |  4 Pages Children of anxious parents are at greater risk for developing anxiety disorders (Schrok 2010). High parental control, insecure attachment and the parental modeling of poor coping strategies have been identified as parent-related risk factors that may contribute to the development and maintenance of childhood anxiety disorders. In response to the growing research on the influence of parental factors, a number of child-parent interventions have been developed to integrate parents into their child’s

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