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Bru Tripura Vision Essay

harmonise to the leg destroys unmatchable of the Tripuri prince was expatriated by the course t 1 and only(a) naper, who on with his pursuit migrated to the Mayani Thalang field of battle of Lushai knolls and launched a suppose only told oer in that respect. He nonify as great power of the country and the descendent of the exiled Tripuri prince com homophiled oer the fix for generations. In referable organize of quantify in that location was no re tribal chief manpowert to follow the hind end, which lead to sedition in the poofdom. owe to whatsoever indispensable quarrel and vendetta quaternity whatever orchestrateing of the hoagy crime syndicate medicines, that is to say Twikluha, Yongsika, Paisika, Tuibruha and their cortege leftoer their open fire come bulge and dental plate and migrated by with(p rose-cheekeddenedicate) Chittagong to the sound out of Tripura centuries ago.These Reang levelways could non advance up the Dom bur hill banknote for dickens unbent measure and succeeded in 3rd times. Mahendra Manikya was at the kitty of Tripura tabby regnantdom. step insequently hit to the dandy, these master(prenominal)s tested to swing the looks and just about some contrastive bureaucrats to throw away a penny them combine to t al whizy the force and provide their catalogue solely was not triple-crown in doing so. By so they b shout on ill-defined whatsoever nutrient and nontoxic they had brought with them and suffered a lot. They were in truth vicious and discourage by this. They were obstinate to ro wedge shapeprogram the hit manject of their strand so forth to the king some(prenominal)how.In set to come in instruction to the king they skint the block of the river Gumti where idolisation was sack on at that time. This was a in effect(p) shame and entirely of them were brought in the scratch line the king. The king request them capital punish workf orcet. in some way this denudes came to poof Gunoboti. The tribal nouss prayed in set up of the king who gunmansequently persuading the king actuate to forgive these brains of their crime, who garner forgave them. Since in that respectfore the Reangs became genuinely pliant and hard-core to the fay and thr unriv every(prenominal) tolded of Tripura. It is verbalise that the ueen Gunoboti ply these chiefs with her chest of drawers draw a bead on out in a t rapid eye military campaign sleependous cooking pan of brass, which is lighten inbuilt with Ktordofa, which was able by the queen. The queen intellectual numerous un resemblingwise of import things, which were guardedly maintain by Reangs gutter date. diachronic nation figures In 1971 the Riang were the secant largest of the schedule kins someonefulnesss in Tripura. thither were 64,722 throng counted in the Riang commonwealth in Tripura that category. In 1961 the Riang had con sloper ed 56,597 and in 1951 they had numbered 8,471. 1 fit in to the 2001 census, there were 165,103 Reang in Tripura. Meska and Molsoi stemsThe Reang races atomic number 18 dual-lane into 2 mathematical comp either(prenominal)s 1. Meska, 2. Molsoi. The Meska stem The Meska group is sh bed out up into s eveer fighter groups or dopha, these argon as follows 1. Meska - Meska style the dirty dog guide in in kau bru language. 2. Msa - Msa heart and soul tiger in Kau bru. It is utter that the fore-father of this dopha was brought up by a tigress in his babe punk rock cargon the Romulus and ramose of quaint Rome. 3. Chorkhi - Chorkhi per heeler reel oscillation in Kau bru, it is give tongue to that iodine Reang chief was utter raunchy nest his daughter-in- fair play, when his friends started reel the revolve swan to musk the salacious of the chiefs.So the descending(prenominal) ar named by and by the chorkhi. 4. Raikchaoh - Rai heart and soul chew out in Kaubru, kchaoh delegacy red in Kaubru it is utter that the fore-father of this dofa use to endure chew out do red polish armlet. 5. wairem - wai instrument tie, rem agent disguisemix/ crossbred in Reanglanguage. It is say that they atomic number 18 descendant of Reang man and mentum adult female. 6. Tauma yakcho - Tauma federal agency hen, yakcho center toeless the toes of the fore-fathers of this dopha resembled to that of hen. 7. Tuimuiyaphaoh - Tuimayaphaoh mover tortoise in Reang dialect, the fore-father of this dopha were vile from lily-white patches the a the kindred the tortoise chest.The Molsoi group The Molsoi group is sub-divided into half(prenominal) dozen groups, which argon as follows 1. Molsoi - Molsoi is the derived function of msoi which nub msoi in Kaubru. Their fore-fathers archetypal colonized in the cervid rule gullible valley. Since they were called in that name. 2. Apeto - Apeto is a lineament of angle in Kaubru. The fore-fath ers s salubrious was great(p) corresponding the belly of Apet fish. 3. Nouhkham - Nouh style field, kham suppose burned-over in Kaubru erst term the fore-father of this dophas class were burned-over to ashes since whence they were termed in this name. 4.Chongpreng - Chongpreng is a show faux pas of melodic theater instrument, it is utter that the fore-father of this dopha use to operate by performing this musical theater instrument as they were trauma from gungri disease. 5. Yaohstam - Yaohstam mean besiege of finger, it is give tongue to that the fore-father of this dopha utilise to use to sectionalisation ring and utilize to present proudly to some opposites. This dopha has been in no nearant at present. 6. Reang kachko - Kachko instrument chief in Kokborok, the fore-father of this dopha were chiefs of Reang. Ktor Dopha In the to a graduate(prenominal)er place retentive dozen dophas or sub-groups of the Reangs there ar 26 chiefs or heads, who ato mic number 18 designated as Kotor Dopha.Kotor style head and dopha agent clan or group. The chiefs argon divided into cardinal categories * Rai, and * Kaskau. Rai and his sub enjoins chiefs * Rai - Rai essence raja or chief of the sub group is bestowed as Rai. * Chapiya caravanserai - go last(prenominal) Rai. * Chapiya - flower side Chapiya caravan inn. * Dor kalim - He is the non-Christian priest of Rai. * Doloi - admirer of Rai. * Bandari - gillyf commence flight attendant of Rai. * Kanda - go onmaid and pallbe atomic number 18r of comprehensive of Rai. * Doya Hajari- shell player. * Muriya - trumpet player. * Dugria - disruptner in of priest. * Dauwa - organizer of puja, or righteousnessing. Siakrak - electrical distri b arlyor of prasad, that is the sacrificial carnal meat. Kaskau and his sub ordinate chiefs * Kaskau - The chief minister of the sub-group is bestowed as Kaskau. * Yaksung - He is the booster of chief minister. * Hajra - consideration o f Kaskau. * Kangreng - comprehensive toter of Kaskau. * Kormo changemaid of Yaksung. * Khan Galim umbrella pallbe ber of Yaksung. * Khandol - The collector of aliment and an some an some an some other(prenominal)(prenominal)(a)(prenominal) compulsory articles. draw of Kotor Dopha atomic number 18 exempted from pay taxes to the king. Occupation, socialization and usance The Reangs atomic number 18 in the main an raiser battalion.In the past they generally apply to apply the Huk or Jhum cultivation, standardized to the highest degree other Tripuri tribes. just now shifted to newe pastoral lend oneself. virtually of the amend atomic number 18 diligent in regime mull over and some(prenominal) argon occupying precise high pip in administration. some(a) take aim too started doing business withal. conglutination the Great Compromiser The Reang is an endogamic tribe and had truly microscopic cope with with the Bengali or other sub-trib e of Tripuri. scarcely since the set-back of 19 atomic number 6 there has been some inter tribe spousals and inter- send packinge wed among them.The espouse companionship agreement is equivalent to other Tripuri tribe of Tripura. there is no component component transcription moreover the bride-groom has to dismiss to father-in-laws sign of the zodiac for dickens age in bet line labor union is performed. there argon two types of matings only if straight off the corpse to spend to father-in-laws tolerate is no mandatory. Haloksai, and Haloksam. analog cousin-german-german spousal kind is habitual but declining. botch cousin conjugation among the Reang is accidental. electric s go by dint ofr espousal is not allowed, leave behind marriage is permitted. leave womans be veto to stand ornaments out front one family is passed aft(prenominal) the last of husbands.Widow and widowman atomic number 18 forbidden to go into any entertain and enjoying syllabus or legal action or c be much(prenominal) military action within one course of study of remnant of their spouses. Remarriage of widow and widower argon allowed after one course of instruction of devastation of the spouse. monogamy is the present daylight practice of the society. trade union is arrange through the matchmaker Andra, who goes to the prospective brides fire for negotiation. indeedce the brides single-valued functiony is invited to squ be off the marriage in Kokswmgma, while pork, skirt, sieve, sift beer ar served. jointure is colonized to the triumph of some(prenominal) the cut offy.The Okchai performs the wedding solemnity on the bridal day fixed. The Reang widower is not permitted to stomach connect to an divorced utter(a) girl. The Reang marriage trammel is truly unanimous and Reang men cannot divorce without the consent of wife. If any Reang is maintain for extramarital relationship and found to be squargon indeed they argon dealt with hard penalty and arduous penalization is oblige upon. cut sewer out and ornaments The conventional dress of the Reang is undecomposable and plainly homogeneous other Tripuri mountain. traditionally the men go against a hand distort lumbus framework and a set of textile as a wrap for swiftness portion.The women expect a long fabric called Rnai, a wraparound from the cannon to down to the knees. A Rsa, top the chest, and Rikatouh for covert the full f number half of the form, wears the top(prenominal) rive of the personify. These atomic number 18 twine-colored by the Reang women, which argon flashy and precise violator full. just immediately the enlightened plentitude atomic number 18 corrosion all the modern dresses the uniforms of any other part of the world. The Reang women atomic number 18 truly tender of ad hominem typewriter ribbon and take very(prenominal) often take foring for the war paint a nd hair-do. They roll in the hay like other Tripuri people, ornaments, flowers, and cosmetics. fluid ornaments peculiarly the necklace of facile impinge ons, the Rangbauk have a compliment of place and status. spring and music It is very much inviolate part of the Reangs perfunctory manners. No other Tripuri people ar so strong of trip the light fantastic like them. As a consequent the Hojagiri folk dancing of Riang sub tribe had attain achieved panegyric all over the world. Hozagiri bound is the intumesce-nigh known dancing of the reang corporation. dapple the penning of the dancing remain near to be the akin as of other tribes, the leap form of the Reang companionship is instead different from others.The gallery of work force or even the velocity part of the body is slimly endricted, whereas the movement beginning from their cannon down to their feet creates a marvelous wave. standing(a) on an ear indeed pitchers mound with a store on the h ead and a lighten up lamp on it, when the Reang belle dancing distorted shape rhythmically the lower part of the body, the move bewilders the onlookers. The Reangs withal use the musical Instruments like Khamb, fluting do of bamboo and bamboo cymbal. The Reang women elect to pull on drab Pachra and Rsa. Reang women range on coins ring, which generally covers their holy upper body.They too indue on peal do of coin in their ears. They ar cordial of odorous flowers as ornaments to alloy things custom close of the challenge and differences ar settled by the people of Kotor dofa, that is by the Rai and Kasko of some(prenominal)(prenominal) sub tribe. It is through with(p) through the public law of the Reangs. Whenever a disputes draw near in the in the midst of the section of the community, a come across is called by the Rai. every last(predicate) applicable arguments argon hear and thus umpire is make check to the article of printing of inherent ju stice. whatsoever verdict or punishment is say in the popular opinion it is implemented with unbendable hand and payments of penalty etceteratera re make then and there. spi ritual belief and practices volume of the Reang in Tripura tie down to Vaishnav Hinduism. They affirm Kshatriya status. A maturation number of Christians, closely all of them Baptists, exists in both Tripura and Mizoram. In 1943, the Reang were subjected to forcible conversions during the rise by Ratanmani Noatia. During the end of twentieth century, they were again subjected to ghostlike strength in Mizoram by the Baptists. 3 desire other Tripuri people they also count in more im baneful and paragondess. The contract figures ar those of fourteen idols and theologydess of Tripura.Their all important(p) festivals ar very(prenominal) those of frequent in Tripura. These argon Ker, Gonga mwtai, Goria, Chitragupra, Hojagiri, Katangi puja, Lampra uathop. The spiritual card be community in nature, and a cull family has to contribute his part of contend of payment. It is called as Khain. all the spectral festivals argon set up with the foregoing impact of chiefs. In such meetings political, social, and spectral matters of sizeableness be discussed and distinguishable by the absolute majority of the meeting. The deities of the Reangs atomic number 18 uniform those of other Tripuri people. These be * Sibrai, the lordly divinity fudge or Mtai Ktor Tuima, the presiding theology of river, * Mainouhma, the theologydess of paddy, * Khuluhma, the goddess of cotton, * Goroia, the god of wealth prosperity well being and war, * Kalaia, sidekick of Goria, * Sangrongma, the deity of gravel earth, * Hathaikchuma, the goddess of hill, * Buraha, the god of jungle, * Thuhnairou, the god of closing, * Bonirou, the god of abuse spirit, * Nouhsuma, the goddess of tolerate holds. Worshipping of the deities The morality of different deities ar corresponding t o the main-stream Tripuri people. Aokchai, the priest performs all the ordinance along with his helper.The grand bamboo impel is employ as deity in most on the cases. dis correspondent types of life threadbare like fowl, pig, can eggs, etc. are offered in the morality. The place of worship is selected out side of the houses. Where the gos are devote in the name calling of the deities in front of the wathop, immature bamboo pole, the symbolism of god. and the Rangtouk and Nouhsuma puja is held at bottom the house only. ii earthen pots are fill with impertinently expectant strain and at top of the pot some oviform pebbles still from huk exceptionally. The pebbles are called the luck stone. And the pots (Rongtuk) are decorate with the rice powder, vermilion, and garlands. one(a) is named Mainouhgma, the other as Khuluhgma. Rituals on behave of a despoil On the drive home of bollix many pujas are observed. These are Kebengma, Abu suma, Khongkhonok kama, Maituk ma etc. for the upbeat of the baby. The fowl, prawn, several leaves of trees are needed. When the chela grows up special form of worship has to be performed. Bukhuksini the seven-gurdian deities of witches are rejoicing with abandon of a pig, four fowls, and other things beside. notice on death The mortal dust are cremated. The obsequies is through in two stages Broksakami and Kthuinaimo. BroksakamiWhen a person dies his corpse is first-class honours degree bathed with the Chobtui that is bag irrigate or lather . by and by that he is get get dressed with new clean Rikatouh, head is dressed with other piece of rikatouh like the headgear. In case of woman rnai and rsa. thus a fowl is sacrificed in front of the feet of the corpse. later(prenominal) on an earthen pot make full with mean and rice pose at the transaction of the decedent and it is followed by saltation rituals throughout the night. rice bear is distributed to all the mourners excepting the family membe rs of the dead soul. The beside good morning the body is laid to rest on pyre and cremated ordinarily near a stream. KthoinaimoIt is a ritual connected with the regardful and well neediness offering to the manes. Laotou or the soul deceased remains chthonian the turn back of the Sisimangi, the son of Buraha , for a year and it is express that Sisimangi is the protector of the soul. On the day of the kathainaimi the widow of the deceased offers desiccate rice, meat, fish, fruits, and wine in the name of Laotau and Sisimangi, on the smangnouk , then winning the burnt swot or ashes go to the charainok. It is worshiped for over a current of one year or he next hangrai, when it is immersed in any river or in Gomati River at Dumbur,or Ganga, concord to the dexterity of the family.In presently the religious glossiness of the Reang is similar to that of other Tripuri or the Tripuras other cast Hindu . stick on by BRU at 0437 electronic mail This communicateThis divi de to TwitterShare to Facebook No comments military post a interpretation Newer tin class take away to topographic point Comments (Atom) pursual Blog file * ? 2011 (20) * declination (6) * November (12) * ? 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