Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Cases Summary Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Cases Summary - Case Study ExampleThe familiarity is facing the bankruptcy threat as a result of the piteous management of the companys funds as well as running of the other indirect monetary activities.The best strategic analysis asshole that I recommend this parapraxis is PEST Analysis. This tool entails looking at the factors that may influence the companys performance, and they include political, economic, social and technological factors (Karadag, 2015). For the case of political factors, the company has to look at the tax policies, labor law, tariffs and political stability among others. For the case of economic factors, the company has to consider the economic growth, interest rates, stand in rates and the inflation rate since they impact on how business operate and reach on to their decisions. Social factors entail the cultural dimensions, consisting of population growth rate, charge attitudes and emphasis on safety. Finally, technological factors involve environmental aspects such as automation, technology incentives and dynamism in technology.The best solution is for the company to study the customary taxation policies in the coun effort so that it can identify whether its spending a lot in paying the taxes (Karadag, 2015). Another solution is for the company to determine the trade restrictions that are in place and find out if there are some that tend to favor its operations. I recommend that the company, try as much as possible to fix itself in the regional trade, if there exist some trade restrictions favoring its activities. Finally, the company should study the prevailing market and come up with implementation, control and evaluation plan to meet the demand of the identified market.The second case is where Pixar, the studio company owned by Walt Disney Company, had failed to hold a single nomination from the previously given out awards. The company has undergone a lot of setbacks from this case since Pixar had won five trophies from the previous year.For this case too, I

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