Monday, July 29, 2019

Creative writing assignment that use historical facts about Nevada 750

Creative writing that use historical facts about Nevada 750 words in RTF format - Assignment Example They were under the command of a young soldier John Fremont. He and his guide Kit Carson would later become famous in the history books. Well I showed them how to catch the long ear white rabbits, a delicious food. And besides the great buffalo which the soldiers had heard of, they were delighted by the pronghorn, a kind of horned deer special in the Nevada area, with tasty meat. That Kit Carson was a good scout, he had a nose for the mountains and the game. Both he and Fremont were good shots. I later found out the soldiers were there to explore that part of the west. I introduced them to the Paiute Indian Chief Paulina and then later the Washoe Indians further West. Fremont was a strong leader, he had direction. But it was getting late in summer and Carson wanted Fremont to cross the Western mountains to reach Sutter Fort in California. I brought Chief Naza, he was a Washoe Indian and I had done lots of trapping for beaver and rabbit with some of his men. Chief Naza warned Fremont winter was coming and food or game would be gone. But this man Fremont was a head strong man. He had heard a rumor of a beautiful large lake off at a distance down in front of the Sierra Nevada mountains. He said he had a desire to see that lake while making it to Fort Sutter. I didn't tell him I had crossed the mountains with the Washoe and had actually swam in that lake (Lake Tahoe).

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