Thursday, July 25, 2019

Marketing Opportunity of Kralogie Germany Essay

Marketing Opportunity of Kralogie Germany - Essay Example Aside from expanding its coiffeur's network, the company should consider entering into a contract with its tie-up coiffeurs not to sell other hair care products like Wella and Sebastian. Â  It is also possible for the company to keep its distance closer to the consumers by allowing the product to be sold in hair salons, hyper- and supermarkets, health and beauty outlets, and throughout the different malls in Germany. Â  Also, the price of the product is considered to be very expensive on the part of the consumers. Considering that Wella and Sebastian are very active in selling hair care products, KÃ ¨rastase should make the price of its products competitive. Â  KÃ ¨ralogie’s product advantage over the other hair care brands is the fact that KÃ ¨ralogie products are known for its ability to tackle hair related problems such as dandruff. This gives the product a medicinal image. Â  Since the majority of its existing customers are females between the age brackets of 35 to 65 and are earning their own personal income, the company should start using fresh and famous personalities in advertising KÃ ¨ralogie products. Based on several reports, using famous personalities in advertising hair care and other related products could effectively increase the company’s annual sales. Since the quality of KÃ ¨ralogie products has been proven effective in treating hair related problems, the company could use sophisticated and good looking individuals with long hair to advertise the medicinal effects of KÃ ¨ralogie. Â  Q3 The recommended selling price for KÃ ¨ralogie products is basically the purchase price for the product plus a 100% markup. Considering the current competition in the hair care market, do you think it is still possible to apply the same pricing method today? Explain the reasons for your answer. Â  

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