Friday, July 19, 2019

Legal Police Searches Essay -- essays research papers

The laws of the United States can be hard to understand sometimes. The Fourth Amendment states that people have a right not to be searched without a reasonable warrant and that people have a right to feel secure in their homes. There are acts giving police permission to do what ever they need to to keep drunks off the streets. There are also rules and regulations, kind of like a sports game, and, just like games, there are always ways to get around these rules. Like finding it legal to randomly stop cars to give people breathalyzer tests, or entering people's homes and searching for things without a warrant. Unlike a game however, the results of going around these rules can sometimes be devastating. Police may ruin a home trying to find drugs or some other illegal thing. Where do we draw the line? What does the Constitution allow us to do? In today's world, 25,000 people per year die because of alcohol. One of those people happened to be a son of Marion Stokes. After that incident, M arion Stokes created MADD, or Mothers Against Drunk Driving. She is strongly against driving under the influence and believes it is an excellent idea to randomly stop cars to administer breathalyzer tests. The question still remains, does randomly stopping cars brake the laws of the Constitution? Should we let this happen? The Fourth Amendment does protect people from being violated without a warrant. However, the Primary Act gives permission to the police to do what they need to get more drunk ...

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