Sunday, August 25, 2019

Accounting Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Accounting Project - Essay Example In 2011, its beer market I US was approximately $96 billion which shows a  down of 1%  compared to 2010. However, its net sales show a significant growth of 13.3% showing its success in capturing market share. BREW is now investing heavily in growth.1 Three creative beer making brands are owned by BREW. They always engage in the mixture and make of new beers and they attain even their own seasonal beers available only during their respective seasons. The company owns five brew-pub restaurants giving the company customer awareness that contributes highly to research and development. These restaurants help the company to keep in touch continuously with customers creating a good sense of brand loyalty. The industry the company is operating in is highly competitive and needs very hard work to have success in. Craft Brew competes in both the craft brewing market and in significantly larger alcoholic beverage markets well. This market encompasses imported and domestic beers, spirits, flavored alcohol beverages, ciders and wine. The competition in the specialty beer market and the domestic craft beer segment is based on taste, product quality, freshness and consistency, ability to differentiate products, product support and promotional methods, local appeal, distribution coverage and price. By the proliferation of the small craft brewers, also including the contract brewers, and the significant amount of products that such brewers offer, the craft beer segment has got increasingly competitive. Further, the craft brewers have also challenged us with more competition due to their peers expand distribution. Different regional markets are also means of varying competition. The company is also in competition against imported brands’ producers, such as Corona Extra, Heineken and Guinness. Most of such foreign brewers have got financial resources significantly greater than the company has. Although the imported beers account for a better share of

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