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Toys R Us Company Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Toys R Us Company - Research Paper Example The Toys â€Å"R† Us firm went public during 1978 and started to branch out its products (Brohan, par 3). In the 1980’s Toys â€Å"R† Us stretched out into global markets as well as expanded its brand line to encompass children’s clothing. In the 1990’s, Toys â€Å"R† Us further grew into the baby product marketplace with Babies â€Å"R† Us (Lombardi, par 4). Additionally, Toys â€Å"R† Us assimilated the renowned New York toy store FAO Schwarz together with its online websites during 2009. Items from this New York high-end shop are now in Toys â€Å"R† Us stores too (Brohan, par 4). Toys â€Å"R† Us Inc. runs more than eight hundred and seventy five Babies â€Å"R† Us and Toys â€Å"R† Us shops within the U.S., more than six hundred and twenty five worldwide stores as well as over one hundred and forty licensed shops within 35 nations as well as its jurisdictions. Toys â€Å"R† Us board of dir ectors is comprised of nine members with Gerald Storch as the Chairman as well as the Chief Executive officer (Brohan, par 6). In an ever developing online retailing marketplace, Toys â€Å"R† Us has also developed itself as a virtual retailer. Toys â€Å"R† Us operates many online retail websites. and have various international websites and are among the highly visited websites for clients looking for kids’ products (Lombardi, par 5). ... During 2012 Toys â€Å"R† Us sales of toys went down by a percentage of 3.5 to 20.47 billion dollars within the U.S, the global major toy market, rendering to a research company NPD Group. Previously, Toys â€Å"R† Us articulated that its same-stores sales within the US had gone down by 4.5% within the 9 weeks from 28th October to 29th December, a crucial time for toys’ sales (Brohan, par 8). Toys â€Å"R† Us total sales of toys went down by 4.7% in that period. Toys â€Å"R† Us Inc. has not stated toys’ sales results for its current fiscal year. During the year that concluded during 2012, January, same-store sales went down at home as well as within the global business, whereas total sales rocketed from 45 million dollars to 13.9 billion dollars (Lombardi, par). From this analysis, the Toys â€Å"R† Us Inc. is feasible to venture into emerging markets such as India. Despite the toy sales drop, Toys â€Å"R† Us total sales incre ment shows that the company can afford to venture new markets or emerging markets, which can boost its toy sales and generate more returns for the company (Brohan, par 5). India’s economic development was grounded upon socialist-inspired policies following the independence. It encompassed state-ownership of numerous sectors, regulations as well as red tape that was referred to as ‘License Raj’ in addition to safeguarding from the global markets. India’s political economy has rapidly transmuted with the economy’s liberalization during the 1990s (Maps of India, par 1). India has currently moved into a market-based structure and it is the global second speediest growing quintessential economy following China. India documented the highest gross domestic product rate of 9 percent in 2007. India’s growth has currently reached 7.5

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