Sunday, August 11, 2019

Presentation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 6

Presentation - Essay Example Different scientist and researchers have taken it upon themselves to try and, understand the mechanism of the mysterious X chromosome as well as its inactivation amongst the female. i. A team of scientist in the Journal neuron noted a complexity in shutting and waking of chromosomes. Understanding the X- chromosomes mechanism of action, aids in the application of stem cells in treatment procedures (â€Å"The New York Times†). ii. Females have more genome diversity than males since different copies of X chromosome. Males have only a single X chromosome hence they do not possess genetic complexity compared to their female counterparts. The copies of X-chromosome possess different genes and this is an advantage since in case of a defective gene, there will be back up from another gene (â€Å"The New York Times†). i. According to a study done by Susumu Ohno, a Japanese biologist who first identified chromosome inactivation, one of the X chromosomes present in females usually becomes dormant and ceases producing proteins (â€Å"The New York Times†). ii. Another scientist by name Mary Lyon carried out a research by breeding mice. She realized that some offspring retained hair colour of their mothers and some retained that of their fathers. This explained chromosome inactivation since the colour gene is evident on the X chromosome (â€Å"The New York Times†). i. Following the discovery by Lyon, Jeremy Nathans from Johns Hopkins University together with his colleagues decided to investigate more on the works of Mary Lyon. They therefore carried out the following experiment. ii. Pictures from this experiment indicate that X chromosome inactivation leads to genetic diversity. Dr. Nathan hopes that his pictures could serve as an atlas in analysing effects of X chromosomes shutting in females (â€Å"The New York Times†). iii. The X-chromosomes form both parents could dominate opposite sides of an organ such like mothers X chromosome for the right and fathers X

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