Friday, August 23, 2019

Rhetorical Criticism-Week 6 Part I Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Rhetorical Criticism-Week 6 Part I - Article Example Elements represented by these music videos enhance rhetorical analysis of the culture texts. Lil Wayne and Birdman’s music video, ‘Fire flame’ is one that was received with extreme eager to the fans all over the world. The lyrical description is often said about, and its listeners’ belief and behavioral characteristics need to be explored as they are regularly reflected on. The video falls under the hip-hop genre of music that is known to have the largest followers in the universe. This piece of entertainment is highly prominent. It is, therefore, necessary to determine how much its messages are perceived by the listeners and how they relate to the every fans’ life. The ‘Fire Flame’ music video has an intense description that hurls more on its experience among the artistes and fans. The music corresponds congruently to the young generation but incongruently to the older generation. It is a rhetoric perception since as it depicts different lyrical messages to different audiences (Sellnow 116). It depicts all about money and fame and to some extent, lurid sexual experiences. Fans consider this the trending ways of the century. It conveys emotional messages that term fans as ‘die-hard-fans’. It imparts in a negative way conceptually. According to the illusion of life perspective, the interpretation of the music video overrates vast experience. The youth, middle-aged men and other persons are the realest followers of the music. It is also initiated as a religion to some of the hard-core fans. It has arisen to the creation of various mal-intention groups and organizations aimed at promoting the music. The music release patterns are apt and always in the rise of production, developing both comic and tragic messages to all audiences (Sellnow 123). Perspective evaluation of this music video touches on various aspects of life. The video’s potential implications affect both the fans and opponents of the music. This music does not

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