Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Apologetics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Apologetics - Essay Example On the other hand there have been apologetics that believe in religious pluralism and attempt to spread the message that all religions lead to the same god. This paper examines the statement of the apologetics and discusses what such statements mean. Hutchison (2003) asserts that religious pluralism is a type of interfaith dialogue that is conducted between people with from different religions to bring down tensions and conflicts in their religions. The concept gives rise to statements such as All Religions lead to the same God or that many paths lead to the one God and so on. Religions such as Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and others practice ‘universalism’ with a ‘Inclusivism’ mindset where gods from other religions are tolerated, accepted and members of other religions can be allowed to stay in peace. On the other hand, religions such as Islam, Christianity and other practice ‘Particularism’ with a ‘exclusivist’ mindset. These religions are not ready to accept other religions and call followers of other religions as pagans, heathens, infidels, unbelievers and so on and may take up crusades like Christians and Jihads like Muslims. Hutchison (2003) argues that religious pluralism is a much better way of resolving religious and sometime political conflicts and he endorses the belief that all religions lead to the same god. If the arguments for or against a particular god were limited to only theological discussions and arguments, then no harm would be done. However, religions hold much greater control over politics and passions of people an religious intolerance and issues are used as the flash point and reasons to settle other scores. The moot question is why does one believe in a particular religion and god and what does a person ask for when he is fervently offering prayers. Does the person pray to god to find a solution to his own financial and personal problems or does he pray that the neighbor also face the same problems? In a

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