Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Moral Problem Of The Death Penalty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Moral Problem Of The Death Penalty - Essay Example America has done x amount of damage and must pay Canada for that. There are several problems with this, however. For one thing, the environmental damage will affect people who will never get money from the restitution. Furthermore, environmental degradation can be long term in a way that neither Canada nor the US could predict, so it is possible that any payment that the United States makes would be insufficient. There are several other options, however. Canada has an abundance of hydropower, which is how it can operate more greenly than America. Canada could agree to sell hydroelectricity to American municipalities close to the border, reducing their need for coal. But probably the best solution would be for America to agree to a plan to move away from coal power, avoiding the environmental degradation entirely, while possibly making economic restitution for damage already done.3. The line of thinking that â€Å"If you’re not doing anything wrong, you don’t have anyth ing to worry about† in terms of surveillance is patently ludicrous. There are a wide variety of things that may not be morally or ethically wrong but should not be public knowledge. If, for instance, a high school teacher happens to be a gigantic fan of Justin Bieber, have many of his decorations and listen to his music all the time, this is far from morally wrong. But it is also possible that his high-school teacher’s life would be more difficult if his students found out about his love for Bieber.... But it is also possible that his high-school teacher’s life would be more difficult if his students found out about his love for Bieber. Furthermore, it is not wrong or right to practice any particular religion or align one’s self with any particular political party, but one could face challenges in their personal or professional life because of widespread knowledge of this. 4. The boss is fundamentally assuming that his or her employees are doing things they shouldn’t be at work, and refusing to trust them. This monitoring should usually not be justified and is usually not a good management tool. For one thing, as long as an employee is meeting their job expectations then what else they do at work should not be at issue – if, as an employer, you have a problem with someone’s performance than you address it, as a performance problem, and if there is no problem with their performance you have no reason to have to monitor confidential information. Thi s could even lead to decreased productivity – for some people surfing the internet to give their brain a break might be an important part of what they do, and interfering in that could make them less productive. 5. This is a very interesting question. Seat belt laws from adults are very different than seatbelt laws for infants, because infants are not able to make these decisions for themselves, and society has decided that there are a lot of ways that they need to be protected, even from their parents (for instance you can’t give an infant poison they might eat either). In the case of an adult though, you could say that the adult taking those kinds of risks provides problems for the rest of society (for instance tying up

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