Friday, September 6, 2019

Israel in summer 2 Essay Example for Free

Israel in summer 2 Essay Two summers ago, I had the privilege of returning to the country of my birth. Having been gone from my homeland for so many years, I had been experiencing a longing to return and see the people, places—even to smell the fragrances and enjoy the food to which I had been accustomed as a child. I met many friends whom I had not seen since childhood. I had long missed them and it was interesting to note how we had all changed together, though we had been apart. What was even more interesting, however, was to compare and feel the differences that occurred because of my departure and the different environs in which we evolved. On the one hand, there I was, having experimented with a different culture and adapted to it by acquiring a new language, a new mode of dress, and new customs. On the other hand, you have my friends who continued to live under the Israeli tradition and kept to that way of life. It was a pleasure also to meet my extended family, including my cousin, whose wedding facilitated the biggest family reunion of my life. Although the visit was primarily to see friends and family, I also had a chance to explore historical sites, such as the Western Wall. It is at this point that the trip became especially poignant because I also had the opportunity to appreciate firsthand the political tensions that exist in the country and specifically in the city of Jerusalem. The talks of dividing the city came home to me, especially since I had not been able to spend much time in my country’s capital in the time of its wholeness. The people themselves tended to be divided about whether or not the division would be desirable. The political and racial tensions seemed to favor it, but sentiments were (and are) still strongly against it. Last summer I spent most of my time working as an intern for Matrix Settlement Clearance Services, which is an investment company on Wall Street in New York City. I was responsible for consultation on technical and computer-related matters for the company, which made my job almost identical to the fulltime, adult employees working in the same department. I really enjoyed working at the job 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, since I had the chance to learn new techniques and strategies every hour. It was also very interesting and different from the school arena: it exposed me to a new world the particulars of which I was not aware of at the time. The way the business world works is fascinating. Wall Street is the center for business, and being in the heart of its activities made me feel as though I were at the center of the world’s progress. I enjoyed going to work daily, although I needed to wake up early, take two busses, and do the same to return home in the evening. It allowed me to meet new and interesting people who offered me a wide range of possibilities. I still keep in touch with a number of the employees.

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