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Project management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Project management - Essay Example This paper aims to examine this suggested approach and determine its effectiveness as far as complex project management is concerned. 1. Statement of the Problem The concept of Project Management was first utilized in the mid 1900s, when oganizations started to systematically apply management tools and techniques to complex engineering projects (A Brief History of Project Management 2012). Fast forward to half a century later, complex projects involving developments on information technolgy requires a management style that would adapt to the dynamism of current technological breakthroughts. To support these requirements, Project Management has evolved into a discipine encompassing boundaries of multiple industries, employing fresh approaches, regardless of the project size and scope. This research will specifically focus on the Systems Approach to Project Management and its effectiveness as a guide towards the achievement of project goals. 2. Definition of Terms a. Project Management – The planning and organization of an organization’s resources in order to move a specific task, event or duty toward completion (Project Management 2012). b. ... It may also be defined as management thinking that emphasizes the interdependence and interactive nature of elements within and external to an organization (Systems Approach 2012) d. Project Management Processess – The common elements of Project Management, regardless of the methodologies used. This includes initiation, planning or development, production or execution, monitoring and controlling, and closing (Project Management 2012). e. Project Management Methodologies – Step by step tactics that details what the project manager has to do from start to finish. To date, there are 10 identified methodologies being used, depending on the project and industry type. Methodologies answer how questions pertaining to project management as a whole. 3. Methodology Research is the primary methodology used. Online journals and case studies were utilized to enable the writer to support the argument stated in the first part of this term paper. Relevant data have been gathered from s pecified documents and compiled databases in order to analyze the material and arrive at a more complete understanding of this particular project management methodology. This is a qualitative research utilizing books, write ups and other related researches. Below are the questions that this research aims to address: a. What is the systems approach to project management? b. What are the essential elements to the systems approach? c. What does it require the project manager to do? 4. Review of Related Literature Systems Theory teaches us to to look at the total system performance and the relationships between systems. Every projects is seen as a system consisting of many interrelated and

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