Saturday, October 19, 2019

Doctors without borders Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Doctors without borders - Essay Example Having gone through the worst of what could happen to human lives during war and crisis, a select number of doctors from France destined themselves to serve the humanity all over the world, providing people in trouble with help and care. And thus, began the inception of â€Å"Doctors without Borders†. Having sown the seeds for this organization in 1971, the organization otherwise called as, â€Å"Me’decins sans Frontiers â€Å", spread its roots across several countries and eventually turned to be huge organization, operating in nearly 60 countries over the world. What has made this organization to be a special one is that the voluntary members of the organization act as a team, called as the multi-purpose team, helping out people who are affected by war, natural disasters and other atrocities of the world. Their privatised method of working has allowed them to perform hassle free operations, without the interruption of the government and politics. In addition, they h ave emancipated themselves under the international humanitarian laws and, because of their service to humanity their voice in public has grown louder every day. As a result, their global presence has vehemently forced the public to become aware of any atrocities happening across the world and protest against them. (Bortolotti 2004) Currently, with the growing innovations across several fields and the never ending race of nations to achieve supremacy, an organization like â€Å"Doctors without Borders† is the need of the hour. Their eccentric leadership has promoted people to join the organization and act selflessly in providing help to communities, even before they could plead for it. They are continuing to be an inspiration to many in this economic centric world of ours. As a result of their continuous contribution to the society, the organization was awarded the Nobel peace prize, during the year 1999, in the category â€Å"pioneering humanitarian

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