Saturday, October 12, 2019

Graduation Speech -- Graduation Speech, Commencement Address

Class of 2012, tonight is the last time we will share together for many years. After tonight, we will begin a new chapter in our lives. This chapter will lead us away from each other, but the memories we've shared will continue to stay. The years behind us have been full of challenges and rewards; these experiences will be there to guide us as we branch out into the world. Let's take a moment to think back to the people and times that shaped us the last four years. Every teacher deserves a "thank you" for helping us to reach our goal of graduation. The love and support of our families has been greatly appreciated. But truly, the main ingredient of our high school experience has been our peers. We all faced hardships, but we were able to overcome them, together. And now, here we are once again, together. Homecoming, tolo, football games, pep assemblies and spirit weeks ignited us as young freshman. When we became sophomores, the blaring of the fire alarm became our wake-up call. Only after wiping the drool off our desks and hurrying out to the field did we realize that this wa...

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