Thursday, October 17, 2019

Project 9 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Project 9 - Essay Example Examples of parametric tests are t tests and z tests which are used on both paired and independent quantitative data. Nonparametric tests do not assume any particular distribution for the data; however, they look at the category or rank order of the values and ignores the absolute difference between them (Driscoll and Lecky 2001.). In addition to the application of these tests to quantitative data that are not normally distributed, nonparametric tests are also applied to nominal and ordinal data. According to Driscoll and Lecky (2001), examples of nonparametric tests include Chi Square, Fisher exact test which are used for nominal data; and Wilcoxon, Mann-Whitney and Kolmogorov-Smirnov which are used for ordinal data. Chi-Square (χ2) test is a very popular nonparametric test which is used on unpaired nominal data. This paper shows how the χ2 test is applied to data relating to gender and office locations of 60 sworn officers. The test is used to determine if there is a difference in the gender distribution among the three locations. According to Salkind (2009), the Chi Square test is a very interesting test which allows the researcher to determine if what is observed in a distribution of frequencies represents what is expected to occur by chance. The data relating to gender and office locations have been grouped in order to perform a Chi Square test. The test has more than one independent variable and so is described as a test of independence. The table below shows the arrangement of the data. The table above shows that there are a total of 35 males and 25 females distributed across three locations. The test seeks to determine whether there are any differences in relation to the gender distribution across the three locations. Therefore, the null hypothesis (Ho) and research hypothesis would be stated as: According to Salkind (2009), the next step is to determine the level of

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