Monday, October 21, 2019


JUVENILE DELIQUENTS essays Since the begining of time, people would get in trouble for breaking the rules. Consequences lead to time in prison, death penalty or life in prison, despite age. Now a days, more and more juvenile delquents are commiting more crimes and getting away with easy pushinment. Laws should make more strict laws against minors who commite crimes, and then maybe, the crime rate for minors would decrease. Everyday, minors get put in positions to choose right from wrong. Do you think that minors who choose to do wrong think twice about the consequences? Maybe they get put into that position to do wrong by peer pressure. They have friends who influence them and get dragged into a worse position. They want to be able to feel like they are a part of the in crowd. The more influenced they get, the more they want the adreanline rush of breaking the rules. Some minors get a pleasure of breaking the rules. They think that its funny, and just as long as its not them getting hurt, it doesn't bother them on bit. Parents play a big role in most of these Juvenile deliquents lives. If parents are not around to teach their kids right from wrong, where else are they suppose to learn from? They watch crimes being commited on T.V and want to be exactly like that. Some parents could care-less. But I believe its not intentionally, maybe they are drug addicts, alcoholics, or in prison. And sometimes, parents want to only make their child happy, and let them run wild and do whatever they please. If parents worried more about their children's future and less about making them happy, do you think the minority crime rate would go down? Minors should have more stricter laws for commiting crimes. It is important that the crime rate for minorities decrease, before in the future increases my a very high percentage. Everyone in a Juvenile deliquents life plays a big role in their life, and if they showed that they cared and that they are always going to ...

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