Sunday, November 10, 2019

Enviromental Factors Essay

The four external factors that help organizations achieve optimal function are funding sources, non cash revenues, clients or consumers, and competitors. These four external factors are important to every organization as this is what keeps the organization going. If an organization was to lose any of these factors listed above the organization may not stay at optimal function. â€Å"The six internal factors that help organizations achieve optimal function are organizational purpose, mission, philosophy, organizational planning, organizational operations, human resources, technological resources, and financial resources.†(The six internal factors listed above are what keeps and organization strong and running. These factors cover all aspects of the organization and make sure the organization is on track with the rest of the team members of that same organization. This also helps the organization achieve their goals and be able to meet their needs more efficiently. The factors I felt were most important were clients or consumers, competitors, funding sources, and organizational planning. Every organization needs clients or consumers or their organization would fail, as well every organization needs competition to be far. Funding sources are always important as they help fund and bring money in. Organizational planning can go a long way, if the right person is doing the planning. With careful organizational planning and organization can still be run and be successful. Reference Kettner, P. M. (1993). Acheiving Excellence in the Mangement of Human Services Organizations. Hauppauge, NY: Allyn&Bacon.

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