Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Microeconomic Stock Investment Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Microeconomic Stock Investment Project - Essay Example The number of shares bought were 2000, each at US$ 7.94. Lastly, in the portfolio, GPRN bought 598 shares each at US$ 5.63. The share prices appear in the figure 2 below. The investment strategy is to identify the trends and the variation of share process and the number of shares traded in order to decide whether to buy a particular stock or to sell. When the stock prices reduce and move towards the minimum threshold, the business decision is to buy more of the tock. On the other hand, if the stock price grows towards the maximum, the decision is to sell as many of the stock as possible. From the fake stock game, the stocks identified for sale were CVM at US$ 1.19 and CERE at US $ 1.05. The stock identified for sale was C at 47.74 and EBAY at US$. 53.96. The prevailing business is influenced by inevitable economic conditions such as the fluctuation of stock prices. This makes it difficult to set optimal prices at which the decisions can be made to either sell or buy the stocks (Hubbard 77). Secondly, the business is affected by liquidity challenges. The buying power of the business is low as exhibited by the low purchases of high value stock and investment on short-term basis. The business is headed for greater portfolio size in the future since the number of selling and buying transactions is dynamic. The strength of the portfolio is focused on diversification, innovation and intelligent study of the contemporary stock market. Indeed, the analysis was relevant as a tool for predicting the future dynamics of this portfolio and

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