Friday, November 1, 2019

The impact of short staffing on qualityof care and safety of the Essay - 1

The impact of short staffing on qualityof care and safety of the patients - Essay Example In addition, a critical analysis of the effects of short staffing of nurses in various hospitals in United Kingdom is established in the research paper (Bullock, Clark and Rycroft-Malone, 2012). The essay utilises existing literature regarding the influence short staffing of nurses on the quality of the services and the safety of the nurses. The issue of the relationship between patient’s safety and short staffing of the nurses remains controversial in the healthcare sector. The safety of the patients refers to the conditions that contribute to infections, death and ineffective treatment. Most healthcare facilities in the world focus on promoting the safety of the patients by acquiring adequate number of nurses in various preventive health and treatment department. In addition, the safety of the patient is the critical determinant of the effectiveness of the treatment criteria at the hospital. A safe healthcare facility tends to attract more clients because of the trusts and confidence patients have on its services. Nursing scholars and managers have explored the concept of the correlation between the patient’s safety and staffing (Barron, 2009). According to the research, short staffing refers to availability of inadequate number of personnel in a particular organisation. Most of the researchers focus on the negative influences of short staffing of the nurses on the safety and wellbeing of the patients. According to various studies in the healthcare sector, the safety of the patients correlates directly with short staffing of nurses in hospitals (Vincent, 2010). In this case, short staffing of the care giving personnel results to adverse effects on the patients health in a healthcare environment. In addition, research indicates that patients suffer minimum complications and recuperate faster when they obtain adequate nursing care at the hospital. Furthermore, a

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