Thursday, November 21, 2019

MANAGING DECISIONS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

MANAGING DECISIONS - Essay Example It is with this, that they came up with goals in which they strive to achieve. Tap helps to introduce children to the rhythm and music; it was first introduced in African American dance and named, Juba or Irish Step-Dancing and thought to have taken roots since 1800 when minstrel shows were taking course. Later in 2008, it was started by Rachael when she relocated to Greenwich from Islington after taking a career as a professional dancer. Her aim was to establish the benefits to creative and independent children. The school attracts customers by offering the first free lesson for starters, this works as an encouragement where those who really have the urge to cut down calories voluntarily get encouraged and start the exercises as soon as they get time. Povaly (2007), stated that for old members, the organization charges four weekly, where each day, people pay different rates like, they begin their classes with Tots Tap among the three year olds, where children are first taught how to count music and hold a beat, after gaining this skills, they are then taken to the next step of pre-primary tap. By this time the organization targets the school going child. With goals at hand and support from her clients, Rachael has transformed and brought in new styles of teaching which have integrated dance, music and methods that build on her past experience when she was working with major bodies of dancing in the United States. She has also worked to incorporate her styles with that of the British Ballet Organization, so as to make sure as the groups develop; they are able to work in accredited recognition of their development. The mentioned factor of the growing market is due to the merits the organization is striving to give its clients. An example is where, for starters, they are allowed free services for that day, and then the subsequent days of the week, they are charged at

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